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What is Drop Shipping Courier Service ?

Drop Shipping is a model where a retail store does not keep inventory thus saving inventory and warehousing costs. Rather, when a customer makes an order from the retailer the order is dispatched from a different location. The retailer can have different products shipped from different locations.

At courier services we provide the free facility of having multiple pickup addresses registered in your account. When you are booking a shipment you simply have to select from one of your previously registered pickup addresses and proceed with the rest of the booking. That's it ! It is as simple as that.

Example - A retailer has 3 products A, B and C. Product A is shipped from Location X, product B from Location Y and product C from location Z. When the retailer gets an order containing A and C he has to book two shipments - one shipment from Location X to customer address and another shipment from Location Z to customer address. 

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