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24/10/2019 Divya Kalra, Co-Founder on WAHStory Divya Kalra, Co-Founder of & talks to Elements HR about the power of positive thinking.
10/09/2019 Get NEXT DAY delivery for Metro to Metro Get NEXT DAY delivery for Metro to Metro
05/09/2019 Cash on Delivery Shipments Payment to Wallet has introduced the option to allow payment into your iCarry Wallet for your Cash on Delivery shipments.
27/08/2019 Courier Partnership WeWork and is pleased to announce our partnership with WeWork to extend our convenient courier services for all their members across India.
21/07/2019 Divya Kalra, Co-Founder interview with In a Community Chat on HerStory Women on A Mission Facebook group, Divya Kalra, Founder of and, shared insights on quitting the corporate life for an alternative career.
25/06/2019 Free API Access + Reduction in Rates is providing Free API Access for clients who have mobile apps or websites. All clients can now enjoy the reduced rates.
03/05/2019 New Features - Flex Plan and Multiple Pickup Address support has introduced two new features - Flex Billing Plan for Corporate Clients and Multiple Pickup Addresses. So now you can ship from many different addresses across India and at flexible billing.
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