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Frequently Asked Questions does not ask for any shipment volume guarantee. The rates mentioned on our home page are applied to your account. If your shipment volume increases you will enjoy discounted rates (less than on the home page) and additional services. These are customized and vary for each client.

The Government of India does not mandate GSTIN for sales under Rs. 20 lakhs annually. Hence we also do not mandate it. You can open an account and make shipments without providing a GSTIN to begin with. If additional KYC is needed at any point in the future we will let you know about it by contacting you via phone / e-mail provided in your account.

Yes, single shipments will also be picked.

Yes, there is a minimum reserve refundable deposit of Rs.1000 needed to start using our shipping services. This amount is kept in your icarry wallet and is adjusted against the shipping charges after shipment is delivered. Shipping charges are deducted only after shipment is picked and delivered. If shipment is not picked or cancelled before it is picked there is no penalty and no amount is deducted from your wallet. As the balance falls under the minimum of Rs.1000, additional top up is needed to book shipments. The amount in your wallet is safe since it does not expire and if you decide in future to close your account then the amount leftover in wallet is refundable per T&C. 

Money in iCarry wallet account is refunded once you close your account with us. Refund is done as per the T&C. Refund is done to your original mode of payment used during top-up. Refund can take 4-6 weeks as all shipments in your account need to be reconciled with the courier(s) for weight discrepancies before final billing can be completed. Refund of your wallet balance may entail an administrative closure fee of Rs.100 (exclusive of GST) under certain conditions. Promotional credits received cannot be refunded.

  1. Top up your account with the minimum account balance as per your chosen plan. This balance is like talk-time and has lifetime validity. It is fully refundable at time of account closure. As long as you have balance you can make shipments. The cost of shipment is deducted from your balance on delivery of shipment.
  2. Book Shipment - CHOOSE COURIER (in case you prefer particular courier or want to see your courier & cost options) Book EXPRESS Shipment (fast) or Book STANDARD shipment (economical) shipment and print shipping label (takes less than 2 minutes). If you do not have printer you can save label as pdf and take print out later.
  3. Prepare the box and stick top part of shipping label (with barcode) on top of the box. The courier acknowledgement copy / courier manifest is bottom (or right) portion of shipping label separated by dotted line. Please ask the courier pickup executive to put his name, mobile number and signature on it. Keep the courier manifest for your records in case there is dispute late regarding the pickup.
  4. You are done! Just hand the box over to courier pickup executive who will come for pickup.
  5. You can track your shipment from My Shipments 
No, you do not need to call anyone for pickup. When you book the shipment a pickup request is also automatically generated. The pickup executive assigned will call you before pickup to ensure shipment is ready. Non-regular pickups are done within 1-2 business days of shipment booking. Shipments booked before 11 am are usually picked same business day or by next business day. Please ensure the shipment is boxed and ready, shipment label is printed from your account and pasted / taped on the box with barcode being clearly visible for scanning.

Pickups are done from afternoon till evening about 8 pm. If you have a shipment scheduled for pickup today then the pickup executive will call you first. Kindly return any missed calls as pickup executive may be trying to reach you. If pickup contact person is not reachable then pickup is skipped and will be automatically re-scheduled for next business day.

If pickup is still not done after 2 business days then please open a Helpdesk Ticket so that we can escalate and ensure it is picked.
The shipment label can be generated by simply clicking on the Print button/icon on right hand side of a shipment in My Account > My Shipments. The shipment label will be auto-generated with your logo (if uploaded in your profile), the courier name, barcode, customer address after you click on Print.
Print Out is required as barcode on label has to be scanned during pickup (optional) and also during various aspects of the shipment's journey to ensure you get proper tracking information. Printers are inexpensive and shipment labels look professional adding to your business' brand image. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange for pickup executive to print and bring the label for you.
You can select 'COD' as shipment type instead of the default 'Prepaid' option during shipment booking. The shipment value that is declared will be the amount collected by the delivery executive at the time of delivery of your shipment.
The money collected from your customer during COD shipment delivery is credited into your bank account or iCarry wallet depending on your preference (default is bank account). To get COD remittance into bank account you should update bank account details in your Account Profile.
COD remittance is done on a daily basis except on Sundays and public holidays. Remittance is collectively given along with report for all delivered COD orders. You can view details of COD remittance in COD Remittance Report (My Account > My COD Remittances).

COD Remittance is done by default on T+7 basis i.e. 7 business days after COD shipment is delivered.
Early COD (Cash on Delivery) scheme allows small business clients to get their COD remittance faster than normal. Clients can opt to receive their COD remittance in T+2, T+3 or T+4 basis to improve their cash flow. Clients can opt into the Early COD scheme by updating their COD Remittance Settings.
Volumetric weight is a derived weight based on volume occupied by your shipment.

For Standard Shipment - 

Volumetric weight is calculated as : L x B x H(cms)/4000.
Example, if a 250gm item is shipped in a box of dimensions 17 x 10 x 15 cm with box weight of 100gm then:
Dead Weight = 250 + 100 = 350gm
Volumetric weight = (17 x 10 x 15)/4000 = 638 gm
Chargeable Weight = 638 gm
Note - To avoid volumetric billing please ensure efficient dimension of packing i.e. pack small items in small box with adequate packing material to avoid damage in transit.
Dead Weight is the actual weight of the parcel measured with weighing scale.
Chargeable weight is Dead Weight or Volumetric weight whichever is higher. You can use Estimate Shipment Cost to understand the dead weight and volumetric weight of your shipment.
You can open a Helpdesk Ticket after you are registered as a client. If you are not registered with us then please send us email at [email protected] 
We aggregate shipments over many clients resulting in thousands of shipments monthly for our courier partners. This allows them to give us good rates and we share the same with you (after keeping a small margin). 
By default, all domestic shipments are provided with a maximum of Rs. 1000 insurance cover at no extra cost under our Lost In Transit Insurance program. This covers the value of shipment up to a maximum of the coverage value in case the shipment is lost unfortunately. Lost means that the shipment is not delivered or returned back in 45 days. You can also purchase additional insurance while booking shipment on website for an extra fee by clicking on "purchase insurance" checkbox which will be provided if additional insurance purchase is available for your shipment.

The value of shipment or the insured amount (whichever is lower) will be provided to your icarry wallet as a credit once it is established that shipment is confirmed LOST. Credit is done within 1-2 weeks of shipment LOST confirmation.
Kindly note that we provide a booking platform to book via different couriers. If you are not satisfied with one courier you can choose another one from our platform. We are not the courier and are not part of pickup, handling or delivery process. Courier has no liability and provides no insurance for damages in transit. If the external packaging is damaged or torn then courier may have liability up to the max of Rs. 1000 or insured amount in case additional insurance was purchased during shipment booking. Courier has no liability for liquid items and situations where leakage is seen on outside box as this is considered inadequate packing and lid may be loose. 

Kindly advise your customers to not accept visibly damaged shipments but take pictures and share while opening complaint. Video of parcel received and opening of parcel is also required in case consignee has accepted parcel and wants to open complaint asserting damage by courier.
If shipment has not been picked:

You can try editing the shipment (if option is available to you) in My Account > My Shipments. After editing please re-print the shipment label. If Edit option is not available then you have to cancel the shipment and re-book it with the correct details.

If shipment has been picked and already in transit:

If shipment has not reached destination we will try to update the details by manual request with courier. Please note this is on best effort basis only and is not guaranteed. You can request this via Helpdesk Ticket.

If shipment has been picked and reached destination:

It will not be possible to update address once shipment is in destination and/or delivery attempts already done. If no attempts are done then mobile number change may be possible with some couriers only on best effort basis.
Yes, you can. It is your responsibility to pack it properly. Fragile stickers are available in market and also can be printed from our site. Designs - Fragile 1 , Fragile 2 , Fragile 3, This Side Up . Please note that marking a shipment Fragile is not a guarantee but a guideline to courier to take care while handling. The shipment packing is still your responsibility.
No. Liquid items can be sent only by Standard (Surface) shipment mode.
Sorry, we do not provide packaging material or packing service at doorstep.
Packing material to protect your contents for damage is based on the contents you are sending. For example, good quality envelope might be sufficient for sending a document but would not be adequate to send a bottle. Depending on contents the packing can be different to ensure chances of damage in transit are minimized. Assume that other parcels will be placed in cargo along with and on top of your parcel even for fragile marked items. Fragile items should be packed in cartons that will not crumple. So good quality thick microns cardboard should be used and there should be no gaps inside. In addition bubble wrap or use other packing to ensure items do not shake in transit. If bottles then leaks can happen from lids which come loose even if bottle itself does not break. So bottle lids should be sealed and taped properly. These are some precautions to take while packing. Fragile stickers and This Side Up stickers are a guideline for handling and not a guarantee. Packing is still ultimately the client's responsibility.
GST invoice is auto generated by 4th of every month for the prior month's charges made to your account. You can download it from My Account > My Invoices . This has month wise invoices for previous months.
If you get this error please go to My Account > API Credentials . Click on the Generate Key button. Save. This is needed ONE-TIME only and you can now continue to book shipments.
We provide API support. Usage of API does not involve any additional fee. You can see all details on the API & Extensions page.

The following services are available for use via API End-Points.

  • Authentication
  • Get ESTIMATE - Domestic shipment (within India)
  • Get ESTIMATE - By Courier (Domestic India)
  • Get ESTIMATE - International Shipment (India to Foreign Country)
  • Book Shipment - STANDARD / EXPRESS
  • Book Shipment – CHOOSE COURIER
  • Book Shipment - INTERNATIONAL
  • CANCEL Shipment
  • REVERSE Shipment
  • TRACK a Shipment
  • SYNC Shipment STATUS
  • POST Call Back on change in Shipment STATUS
  • SYNC Shipment CHARGES
  • PRINT Shipment Label
  • Pickup Address
We have Wordpress Woocommerce Plugin. It is free for use. This plugin have support for multiple pickup-addresses (for drop shippers). You can book shipments, estimate shipment cost, cancel, print label, bulk sync etc.
We have Opencart Extension. It is free for use. This plugin have support for multiple pickup-addresses (for drop shippers). You can book shipments, estimate shipment cost, cancel, print label, bulk sync etc.
At present we provide service within India using the following couriers : Xpressbees, Delhivery, Fedex, Bluedart, Shadowfax, Ekart Logistics, Gati Couriers, Ecom Express. We provide internationals service i.e. From India to Foreign countries via DHL and Aramex.

As more couriers get added into our network they will be seamlessly provided to all clients.
We cover 23000+ pincodes in India. Deliverability to a destination pincode is dependent on the sender pincode, weight, prepaid / cod and other factors. Hence, the best check to confirm deliverability to a pincode is to put all details and attempt to Estimate shipment cost. This is a better check since not all combinations of weight / mode (air or surface) / services (cod / reverse / pickup) may be possible between two pincodes. The shipment cost calculator does a real-time check for all options available and gives you an accurate answer.
E-Way Bill is mandatory for shipments with invoice value over Rs. 50,000. Please generate the E-Way bill (check with your accountant) and provide a print out of E-Way bill to the courier pickup executive along with a print out of invoice. In addition you can forward soft copy of same along with shipment id to us by email in case we need to update it with courier in case of problems. 

To generate the E-Way bill you will need a Transporter Id. Following is list of Transporter Ids for your reference:

  • Delhivery – 06AAPCS9575E1ZR
  • Bluedart – 27AAACB0446L1ZS
  • FedEx – 27AABCF6516A1Z3
  • Xpressbees – 27AAGCB3904P2ZC
  • Gati – 36AADCG2096A1ZY
  • Ecom Express – 07AADCE1344F1Z2
Yes, you can do a top via NEFT or UPI if you are using Internet or Mobile Banking or payment apps such as PhonePe, BHIM, Google Pay, Paytm etc. After making payment please send us a screenshot via Ticket or Whatsapp or email so that we can confirm and do a manual top up to your account. Please give us a few hours as this is offline top up. Outside business hours it can take 24 hours or more.

NEFT Payment :
Account number: 50200048666809
Bank : HDFC Bank
IFSC Code: HDFC0003758

UPI payment : 
Payment UPI address [email protected] or by scanning QR code 
This is not a website error. Its a Wi-Fi - Browser error. Please turn off your router . Wait for 10 seconds. Then turn it back on and try .

You can also troubleshoot by accessing website from another device which is not connected on same network. For example, you may try from mobile after turning off Wi-Fi on mobile i.e. by using the your mobile data internet plan.

If you are still facing issue after both above options, then please send us a detailed screenshot by email or whatsapp.
Billing is done initially based on the weight, dimensions and other data you chose while booking shipment. Subsequently if there is a difference between the actual shipment data (as reported by courier) and what was declared (by you while booking) then there you will be billed based on the courier-reported data. The revised charges are deducted from wallet. If you feel you have been charged more than your declared weight and/or dimensions then you can email us with a request to dispute the charge with the courier who picked and delivered your shipment. To create dispute with the courier we need

* Weight - Clear image of the box/parcel on weighing scale showing the weight clearly

* Length - Clear image of the box/parcel with ruler showing the length

* Breadth - Clear image of the box/parcel with ruler showing the breadth

* Height - Clear image of the box/parcel with ruler showing the height

* AWB/Barcode - Clear image of the box/parcel face up showing barcode, AWB

Sometimes it may not be possible to click every image - especially for high volume shippers. We request them to at least keep some images of products in standard size packing which we can use if actual images are not available.

Once the courier reverts on the dispute (usually within a few days) we will update you and reverse the incorrect charges if dispute is resolved in your favour. Please understand that to represent you properly in the dispute we need your support via supporting facts & images, trust in us and patience (few days).
'Cash on Delivery' in ecommerce means delivery executive will collect the declared Parcel value at time of delivery before handing shipment over. If payment is not done then the shipment will not be delivered. It will be returned back to the sender.

'Prepaid' in ecommerce means the receiver has already paid for the goods and the delivery executive will simply give shipment and not collect any payment at time of delivery.
To book international shipments we need to approve your account first. For that you need to send us an email from your account registered email address with as much as possible from the following list of documents:

1. GSTIN certificate
2. IEC certificate (Import Export Code)
3. PAN card
4. Aadhar card

Once your account is approved from our side you will be able to book international shipments. Approval is dependent on the documents supplied, your account history, nature of products being shipped and perceived risk. It can take a few days for approval. If additional documents are needed you will be informed over email.
Delivery times are 7-15 days typically. It could take longer as well. Information such as ETA received from the shipping partner will be available via tracking.
We have an Excel upload facility that will allow you to book multiple shipments at the same time. Please ensure adequate balance is always present in your wallet before bulk excel upload to avoid shipment failures. Please use the tutorial which has screenshots along with the sample Bulk Upload Excel file

There is a Reverse shipment button on right hand side of a Delivered Shipment in My Account > My Shipments. You can click on it to book Reverse shipment. Share the shipment label and manifest with the person from whom shipment has to be picked. They need to pack, print label and put it on the parcel. Parcel has to be sealed and handed over to courier to avoid any dispute later such as goods missing. Sealed parcel will be accepted and delivered to you in same condition.

Proof of Delivery (POD) request must be raised within 5 days of the shipment being marked as Delivered. You can raise a POD request by opening Helpdesk Ticket requesting POD for the AWB marked as Delivered. Beyond 5 days is not possible to obtain POD or it will be on best effort basis only as most couriers do not entertain requests. In case the tracking shows that the Delivery is verified via OTP then a paper signature POD cannot be provided. The reason is that the shipment is marked as Delivered by the courier only after obtained an OTP from the consignee mobile. OTP verified delivery is considered a stronger proof than a paper signature. 

Sometimes due to either unavoidable circumstances or due to ODA (out of delivery area) pincodes it is possible that the courier may not be able to provide door delivery. This is very rare but it can happen and is usually when consignee location is remote. In such situations we request you to ask your customer (i.e. the receiver of the parcel) to please collect from courier office within 3 business days with valid government issued ID proof. If not collected it will be returned back to shipper. Shipment charges cannot be waived in such situations.

Yes, we offer different Plans to cater to high volume, medium volume and low shipment volument shippers. At present we offer three plans.

Monthly Fee
Free₹ 1000 / month + GST (waived if you book minimum 1000 shipments / month) 
₹ 2000 / month + GST (waived if you book minimum 2000 shipments / month)
Shipment Rates Starting At
₹ 26 - 500gms *
₹ 22 - 500gms *
₹ 20 - 500 gms *
Chat, Email, Tickets
 Chat, Email, Tickets
Call, Chat, Email, Tickets
Account Manager

*  Calculated at 500gms, Zone A, exclusive of GST with select courier partner. Rates may vary based on zone, weight, courier, etc.