Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a small or medium sized business and have shipping requirements it can be somewhat difficult to get a reliable, economical and convenient courier service. This is where comes into the picture. is the best economical courier solution for small businesses, e-commerce stores and home entrepreneurs who are looking for a courier service nearby to pick up their packages from their homes / workshops / offices. We can pick up any where in India and ship to your customers anywhere in India or abroad. Our automated, hassle-free shipping solution helps you deliver your shipments conveniently (pickups from your doorstep) and is less expensive than going to any courier centres or post office. 

Some of the commonly asked questions asked by our clients before they sign up are mentioned below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to provide minimum number of shipments to enjoy your low rates ? does not ask for any shipment volume guarantee. The rates mentioned on our home page are applied to your account. If your shipment volume increases you will enjoy discounted rates (less than on the home page) and additional services. These are customized and vary for each client.

2. Do I need a GSTIN to start shipping ?

The Government of India does not mandate GSTIN for sales under Rs. 20 lakhs annually. Hence we also do not mandate it. You can open an account and make shipments without providing a GSTIN to begin with. If additional KYC is needed at any point in the future we will let you know about it by contacting you via phone / e-mail provided in your account.

3. Will you pickup if I have only shipment to pickup ?


4. The system is asking me to do a top up before booking shipment. Is this compulsory ?

Yes. The shipping charges are deducted after shipment is delivered from the initial top up done to your iCarry wallet.

5. How can I get the money in my iCarry wallet back into my bank account ?

Money in iCarry account is credited into your bank account once you close your account with us. Refund is done as per the T&C. 

6. How do I book a shipment ?

  1. Top up your account with the minimum account balance as per your chosen plan. This balance is like talk-time and has lifetime validity. It is fully refundable at time of account closure. As long as you have balance you can make shipments. The cost of shipment is deducted from your balance on delivery of shipment.
  2. Book EXPRESS Shipment (fast) or Book STANDARD shipment (economical) shipment and print shipping label (takes less than 2 minutes)
  3. Prepare the box and stick top part of shipping label (with barcode) on top of the box. The courier manifest is bottom portion of shipping label on which you should take the pickup executive details. Keep the courier manifest for your records.
  4. You are done! Just hand the box over to courier pickup executive who will come for pickup.
  5. You can track your shipment from My Shipments 

7. Do I have to call someone for pickup ?

No. When you book the shipment a pickup request is also automatically generated. The pickup executive assigned will call you before pickup to ensure shipment is ready. Please ensure the shipment is boxed and ready, shipment label is printed from your account and pasted / taped on the box with barcode being clearly visible for scanning.

8. How can I make Cash on Delivery shipment ?

You can select 'COD' as shipment type instead of the default 'Prepaid' option during shipment booking. 

9. How will I get the COD money collected ?

The money collected from your customer during COD shipment delivery is credited into your bank account or iCarry wallet depending on your preference (default is bank account). To get COD remittance into bank account you should update bank account details in your Account Profile.

10. When will I get COD remittance ?

COD remittance is done twice a week - Tuesday and Friday. Remittance is collectively given along with report for all delivered COD orders. You can view details of COD remittance in COD Remittance Report.

11. What is Volumetric weight ?

Volumetric weight is a derived weight based on volume occupied by your shipment.

For Standard Shipment - 

  • Volumetric weight is calculated as : L x B x H(cms)/4000.
  • Example, if a 250gm item is shipped in a box of dimensions 17 x 10 x 15 cm with box weight of 100gm then:
    • Dead Weight = 250 + 100 = 350gm
    • Volumetric weight = (17 x 10 x 15)/4000 = 638 gm
    • Chargeable Weight = 638 gm
    • Note - To avoid volumetric billing please ensure efficient dimension of packing i.e. pack small items in small box with adequate packing material to avoid damage in transit.

12. What is Dead Weight ?

Dead Weight is the actual weight of the parcel measured with weighing scale

13. How am I charged - on volumetric weight or dead weight ?

Chargeable weight is Dead Weight or Volumetric weight whichever is higher. You can use Estimate Shipment Cost to understand the dead weight and volumetric weight of your shipment.

14. Where can I see the balance I have in my account ?

You can check balance of iCarry wallet in My Account > My Wallet.

15. How do I contact you for any problems or questions ?

You can open a Helpdesk Ticket after you are registered as a client. If you are not registered with us then please send us email at