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Free API Access + Reduction in Rates

Thank you for your continued patronage. We are growing and attempting to improve services thanks to you.

Wanted to quickly apprise you of two things:

  1. API / Plugins and Extensions access for shipment booking and tracking is now available for clients using e-commerce websites or apps so they can conveniently integrate with us for their shipping needs. If you need API access, please drop us an email from your registered email address with the name & url of your website / app for us to generate a secure key for you.
  2.  Rates for Plan 2 and Plan 3 have been reduced with immediate effect. Here are the revised rates. You can check your billing rate and plan by logging into My Account -> My Rate Chart
PLAN MEDIUMUp to 2 KgEach additional 1 Kg
Zone A (Within City) 100₹ 50
Zone B (Within Region 500 km) 120₹ 60
Zone C (Metro to Metro)₹ 145₹ 75
Zone D (Rest of India)₹ 160₹ 75
Zone E (Special Region J&K / North East)₹ 180

₹ 80


PLAN LARGEUp to 4 KgEach additional 1 Kg
Zone A (Within City) 200₹ 25
Zone B (Within Region 500 km) 240₹ 31
Zone C (Metro to Metro)₹ 290₹ 41
Zone D (Rest of India)₹ 310₹ 46
Zone E (Special Region J&K / North East)₹ 360

₹ 50

The change in billing will commence with immediate effect (as it is going to benefit the affected customers).