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Cash on Delivery Shipments Payment to Wallet

Based on feedback from many clients we have introduced the option to allow payment into your iCarry Wallet for your Cash on Delivery shipments.

By default, we make a weekly payment for your COD orders into your bank account. However, some clients wanted the COD payment into their wallet so that they can use the funds towards shipping of their prepaid orders. The setting to get COD payment into wallet is generally suitable for Clients :

  • Who have few COD orders compared to their prepaid orders or
  • Whose COD amount is small or
  • Whose COD payment is infrequent or
  • Who do not want to do frequent top ups into wallet for payment of their prepaid orders or
  • Who do not wish to share their bank account details (even though it is safe to do so)
  • Who do not have time to reconcile with bank statement

Going forward, the default account to make COD remittance is still your designated bank account. However, if anyone wants to change the default and choose remittance in their wallet they can choose to do so by changing this setting in My Account -> Edit Profile. You will still continue to be able to download the COD remittance report from your account for reconciliation and receive the remittance every Friday. The only change is that for clients who choose Wallet it will be remitted to their Wallet while the rest will receive in their designated bank accounts.