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Get NEXT DAY delivery for Metro to Metro

You have signed up for STANDARD shipment billing plan. This is an economical service and suits most needs. However, once in a while you may have a shipment that needs to be delivered urgently. In such cases you can Book Express shipment. This is most suited when sender and receiver are at or near major airports.

Benefits of Express Shipment include:

  1. Faster delivery (Next Business Day delivery between metros in most cases)
  2. Default Insurance coverage for loss in transit up to ₹3500 per shipment
  3. 20% increased allowance for volumetric weight

So if something is urgent then please use Express Shipping (My Account -> Book EXPRESS Shipment). The rest of the process remains similar to booking Standard shipments i.e. book the shipment, print the shipping label and put it on parcel and amount will be deducted from wallet. Do reply back to this email if you have any questions.