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Video Tutorials

Here are a few tutorial videos to get help you get started.

1. Estimate Shipment Cost 

2. Book Shipment by selecting preferred courier

3. Book Shipment without having to choose courier

4. Estimate International Shipment Cost 

5. Overview of My Account > My Shipments

6. Print Shipment Label & Manifest

7. Cancelling a Shipment that is still not picked

8. Replay a Shipment - Copy Details from existing shipment to book a new shipment

9. Top Up my icarry wallet

10. Bulk Excel Upload for creating shipments

1. Shipments in West Bengal and North East are currently facing delays due to heavy rain & flooding. 2. Avoid Fedex courier since they are closing India delivery business and will be focussing only on import-export of goods. Gati and Ecom Express are taking 48 hours or more pickup.